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Project for young people in difficulty: Creation of the Go Future Pass.

Share this ... FacebookTwitterLinkedin 1. Essential facts about young people in difficulty. Difficulties in the school world: In mainland France, for example, about 100.000 young people leave their initial training without a diploma each year in ...


Call for the creation of the Universal Index of Solidarity Initiatives

Share this ... FacebookTwitterLinkedinSolidarity is often the subject of emotional evocations. However, there is probably another form for evaluating social relations: that of attributing a rational value to solidarity. A universal value, constant, officially recognized ...


Rather than looking for our identities in our past! If we project them positively towards our future?

Share this ... FacebookTwitterLinkedinMost of the time, the debate about the identity of a country, a nation, a region or a people continues on the thorny subject of the search for our roots. As if a country ...

Sailors for the Future in Martinique 0

Sailors for the Future in Martinique

Share this ... FacebookTwitterLinkedinThis time, the association is officially open in the Marina Du Marin. The 1ere information meeting was held at the KOKOARUM bar. Let's go for a long adventure with young people from here! The...